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We are pleased to offer our agency services for your successfull trip in Kenya. Choose of the following offers brought to you in cooperation with our Kenyan partners of Victor Kogo Tours, let us arrange your most exciting travel in the amazing world of Africa. We also make your individual travel dreams come true, for bookings and individual wishes contact us at or use the form below.

Jahazi DhowRed Elephant LodgeMarine Land DhowMpata Safari ClubMara Hippo Tented Lodge
Patterson's Safari CampTembo DiscoNgulia Safari LodgeVoi Safari LodgeSundowner Dhow Tour

1/2 day Mombasa Town
1/2 day Bush Tour
1 day Dhow Safari
1 day Jahazi Dhow Safari
1 day Malindi and Gede Ruins
Fort Jesus, Moi Avenue, Akamba Village, Old Town, Market
Traditional Dance, Local Dishes, Porini Village
Kenya Marineland
Discover Mombasa by Dhow

  25 Euro/US$
  40 Euro/US$
  65 Euro/US$
  55 Euro/US$
  90 Euro/US$

Animal Safaris:
1/2 day Shimba Hills
1 day Tsavo East
1 1/2 days Shimba Hills
2 days Tsavo East
2 days Tsavo East and Tsavo West
3 days Tsavo East and Tsavo West
3 days Tsavo and Amboseli Park
4 days Masai Mara

Red Elephant, Voi Lodge or Pattersons Camp
Ngulia Lodge
Ngulia Lodge
Amboseli Lodge
Mara Hippo or Mpata Lodge
  80 Euro/US$
130 Euro/US$
170 Euro/US$
230 Euro/US$
290 Euro/US$
380 Euro/US$
430 Euro/US$
975 Euro/US$

Amazing Special Events:
Glas Boat and Katamaran Adventure
1/2 day Bamburi Nature Trail
1/2 day School Tour
1/2 day Mganga Consultation
1/2 day Mijikenda Cooking Course
1/2 day Wedding party
1 evening Beach Party
1 evening Disco Night
3 days Nairobi Train Trip
The beauty of the sea
Haller Park
Learning about a Kenyan School
Meeting a Mijikenda medicine man
See, learn and try Samaki, Pweza, Ugali, Mahamri, Pilau, Chapati and Biriani
Participate in a local wedding party
Picnincing and fun down the beach, with local dishes
Amusement, entertainment in Mombasa's discos
See the capital of Kenya
  25 Euro/US$
  25 Euro/US$
  30 Euro/US$
  40 Euro/US$
  40 Euro/US$
  90 Euro/US$
  40 Euro/US$
  50 Euro/US$
450 Euro/US$

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All prices per person big safaris (all 2 or more day safaris) include Mombasa Town Excursion for free. Excursion do not include entrance fees for museums. Trips start from your Kenya beach resort.

After your payment of our agent's commission (depending on the type of trip, about 10 - 40 Euro/US$, not included in the pricelist above) we will inform our partners in Kenya about your booking. is responsible for the communication of your wishes to these partners and will let you have the date, place and time the partners will get in touch with you for your trip details.
The whole organization and all other services than described before are in the responsibility of our partners, therefore is not liable for the services of these partners in any way.

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